• Village Discount Pharmacy

    Village Discount Pharmacy

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  • Compounding


    We offer a wide range of compounding services, including veterinary, pain and hormone replacement therapy

  • Diabetes Care

    Diabetes Care

    We can help you understand and manage your diabetes with specialized monitoring, medications, and recommendations that can help you independently maintain a healthy lifestyle with diabetes.

  • Durable Medical Equipment

    Durable Medical Equipment

    We carry a wide selection of medical equipment, including ambulatory aids and bathroom equipment

  • Free Delivery

    Free Delivery

    We offer free delivery to our patients within city limits

  • Health Screenings

    Health Screenings

    We offer onsite health screenings that allow you to get more information on your health without having to make a trip to the doctor

  • Immunizations


    We offer a variety of vaccines to keep you healthy

  • Medicare Open Enrollment

    Medicare Open Enrollment

    You can count on our team to help you choose a plan during the medicare open enrollment period

  • Medication Management

    Medication Management

    Let our pharmacists better help you manage your medications and health conditions

  • Medication Synchronization

    Medication Synchronization

    Sync your prescriptions with us and pick up all of your medications on the same day each month

  • Pet Care

    Pet Care

    Our pharmacists can assist veterinarians in offering dosages that are patient-specific in strength and formulation

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Proud to Serve You

  • Gamal Omar, RPh
  • Specializes in compounding and long term care
  • More than 12 years experience in hospital pharmacies

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Proud to Serve You

  • Peggy Soto, PharmD
  • Specializes in compounding and long term care
  • More than 12 years experience in hospital pharmacies

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Make use of natural substances so you can have better health and lifestyle.


Natural Medicines

We provide safe and effective natural medicines and alternative therapies.



We compound your medicines according to your preference.



Protect yourself and your family from any potential epidemics and diseases.


Welcome to Village Discount Pharmacy

We are a retail pharmacy in Wildwood, Florida providing quality pharmaceutical products, medicines, and outstanding customer service. We aim to provide our local community with reliable solutions to their pharmaceutical needs.

Through our retail pharmaceutical supplies and approachable pharmacists, we will surely bring you to the next level of pharmaceutical experience. Stop by and shop at our store and see how cost-effective and accommodating our products and staff are.

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